March 17th, 2018


Tony finds dirt on board members to become CEO

I'm looking for an angsty story during which Tony goes to a board meeting with tons of information and pics of the boardmembers doing illegal and/or immoral stuff. Bits I'm not sure about or bits of other fics; this might be an A/B/O fic, I think tony wasn't allowed to be CEO Because he was O. Tony might have invented a birth control pill that had already made him rich independently. Tony might be the victim in the pics that he presents. The last two might be from other stories, idk.

I literally only have the scene where tony puts folders of incriminating evidence on the table in my head, but I do remember that it was a very impactful story and I don't know (or think) that it was finished. It was long, this is a tiny part of the story.

Any ideas?
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fic search: Clint barton kidnapping childfic

Hi y'all,

just wondering if anyone has any idea of which fic this is: I remember it probably is a kidfic, and I'm fairly sure that it's either Bucky centric or Clint centric. I keep thinking it's Clint centric but it might well be Bucky.

there is, for some reason, a park nearby the tower that is security locked maybe, and either Clint or Bucky normally don't go there but one day they do, and then they happen to meet a woman who is eating lunch there and appears to be either being there for her kid or is a stark employee or something and Clint/Bucky makes friends/acquaintences.

plot twist, woman is actually hydra or something and helps kidnap bucky/clint.

for some reason i keep thinking there might be a kid involved.