March 18th, 2018



I'm craving really good Bucky / Tony fic, can you recommend your absolute favorites? (Even if PWP can be fun lets go with plot this time around,  shall we?)

I can't handle cheating, weird creatures (for example tentacles are really not my thing), actual rape (if there is attempt, but unsuccessful it's relatively ok), gender-swap (let boys be boys), Steve/ Howard (it's weird), mpreg (I sin occasionally, but nah).

Also this probably will sound stereotypical, but no bottom Bucky. (It's just my thing, my faves are bottoms. I like when they are taken care of and protected... It's not like there is no chance of them being top - switching is a thing, but I don't really enjoy reading it that much.)

I like: bamf Tony, cute/ smol Tony, canon vers (meaning MCU cause I haven't read comics), canon au, non power au, Winter Soldier liking Tony, pretend relationship, angst, protective /jealous /possessive Bucky, nicknames...even if it's cliche or cheesy doesn't mean it can't be good, as long as it's not cringy af. 

Also happy ending, I'm no good with sad or open endings (cause sad endings make me...sad, and open endings make me wanna rip my hair off).

I hope I can find something I have not read yet or good tips for re-reading. (why this feels like something from profile for dating site??)

So hit me with your best shot?!

ps: grammar is hard and so is tagging :/