March 19th, 2018

Phil Coulson/Clint Barton engagement


I'm looking for a fanfic that has Phil and Clint engaged. Here is what I remember from the fanfic.

1. Phil proposes
2. Clint is excited for the wedding.
3. It's Phil's second wedding.
4. Phil's is not as excited for the wedding.
5. Phil keeps turning down Clints ideas for the wedding.
6. Phil wants a simple wedding.
7. Clint ends up agreeing even though he wants something more special.
8. I believe that Phil wants to go to the court house.
9. The team try's to talk to Phil about the wedding and talk about Clint.
10. Clint over hears that Phil doesn't really care about a wedding so he removes the ring of his injured hand and throws it at Phil. Telling him that if he doesn't care then they shouldn't marry.

That's all that I remember if someone could help that would be awesome.

Edit: Found in the comments

Tony/Bruce Tony bets he can seduce Bruce?

Hello! Long shot, but I'm looking for a Tony/Bruce fic I read awhile ago. I'm pretty sure it's a high school au where Tony is talking with some people and bets he can seduce anyone, and they bet he can't seduce Bruce. All I remember is Tony trying to offer Bruce a ride home to try and strike up something, and Bruce is having none of it. But they eventually get together and then Bruce overhears Tony and the people talking about the bet, but by this time Tony really does care for him. That's about all I can remember, but I'm dying to read it again. Ring any bells for anyone?

Looking for ironhusband angst fics

okay so I have recently joined a new ship — ironhusbands or tonyrhodey

And now I hunger for some angsty fics

I prefer tony centric angst

It can be mit era

Tony being a self sacrificing idiot

Rhodey dealing with tony’s Insecurities. And in that sense also tony wondering if he is good enough for Rhodey.

It can be soulmate AU, and non power aus and well I will basically be open to all kind of au’s I just need the angst XD

So yeah please give me all the recs, also if you have some personal fic recs you love with this ship then I will be happy to get those too

Thank you so much for your help !

Thor Ragnarok: Destruction of Asgard

Hi all,

I was rewatching Thor: Ragnorock and realized we never find out how Loki made it out of the palace/off of Asgard once he brings Sutur to life; any fics dealing with it? Any time, any pairing, any rating (though I prefer gen, will take Thor/Loki). Really hoping there's some angsty!Thor hurt!Loki out there!