April 6th, 2018

Lady Knight
  • meirta

Specific dragon tony fic

Tony and some of the other avengers are deaged. Tony reverts to his dragon form and everyone is confused because they think that the spell effect himself differently. However, it becomes clear very quickly that he has always been a dragon. Bucky is there and hasn’t be deaged. Bucky and adult tony are dating. Loki is also deaged. He is the one who cast the spell and got caught in it. Tony goes around claiming everyone.

I looked on AO3 under the dragon tony stark tag and it’s not there. And I couldn’t find it with google. Please help.
Teddy Love

Darcy Lewis fic is hiding from me 😭

So I never save this fic and I really should. I’m looking for a fic where Darcy loses touch with Jane and Eric and then ends up kidnapped. When she’s rescued because Thor asks where she is, she’s got a big attachment to a spoon and causes a scene to get it before she’ll let herself be rescued. Anyone know where I can find it? Please help me!

Searching for 2 Specific Fics!

FOUND!!! You guuys are fast and amazing!!!

I've dug through all my faves/tags and scoured google and i couldn't find them. Perhaps you can help???

1. First Fic is a J.A.R.V.I.S. returns fic. The most i could remember was that JARVIS left tony a Will that he found in his workshop. It was a way Tony could bring him back. Tony goes a bit mad. At least pepper things so. I'd really like to read it again!!!

2. Second is a Parent Tony Fic. Tony has Harley and peter over. They're doing some kind of science camp thing. This takes place in Shifter verse. I believes it is Pre Tony/T-challa. The kids and tony are Kidnapped. Tony shifts to protect his "kits". Thanks in advance!!!

rule 63 stony

hi, idk if this has been asked before and i don't know how to search for this kinda thing anywhere else. could you please help me find some fics where BOTH tony and steve are women and in a relationship (+ if it has smut bc i need my lesbian smut fix) but if there's no sexy times that's fine too. thanks in advace!

Stony PTSD/Angst Sub!Tony?

Hey everyone! I am stuck on this fic I read a few times and can't remember the name of. Here is the plot:
Steve refuses to sleep because he has to protect tony. He sits next to the bed with his shield. Tony tries to talk to him and Steve threatens to/does tie him to the bed and threatens to spank him.

Ringing any bells? I think it was sub or omega tony and I am pretty sure it was a oneshot. Thanks for anything you can find!