April 7th, 2018

Specific Frostiron fic (Thor and Frigga meet Farbauti) FOUND IN COMMENT

Looking for a fic I'm pretty sure is Frostiron. I remember a scene where Thor and Frigga go to Jotunheim and meet where they meet Farbauti (female) and her elderly father who had been imprisoned by Laufey. Farbauti didn't know Loki was alive and they tell her. In the same scene T&F are offered refreshments which they spit out when alone. Later Farbauti goes to meet Loki at Stark Tower and he is unsure about meeting her. She realizes her visit was perhaps not welcome and does not wish to intrude, even if she is hurt by it.

Anyone knows from which story this is?
(It is not More Than Meets The Eye which has a familiar scene with a male Farbauti)
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help me

well i look for a fanfic i remember read that story in fanfiction.net but i can't find that story now. the story is about avengers run to peru or kuba or wherever is it i forget about that, they run because SHIELD betray them. and i remember that tony has heart problem in this story and the pairings in this story is steve/tony/bruce. if you ever read this story please tell me thanks.

p.s. i'm not really good in english so i'm sorry if my grammar wrong