April 9th, 2018

Steve is suspicious

Hello all!

This one is fairly recent and it is driving me nuts that I cannot find it!

Steve is suspicious of a woman he sees going into Tony’s workshop regularly. He gets Nat to hack FRIDAY and Clint to plant a camera in the air vents. They find out about the damage from Siberia and get pissed at Steve. Then Tony throws them out because Clint climbing around makes the women in the compound nervous?

Thanks so much!

Tony has a big italian family? fanfic

I’m looking for this fic i read a while ago about Tony having a a big Italian family. The whole family was from his mothers side and was like a whole bunch of aunts and uncles and kids who all followed Tony around. At some point in the fic, the family shows up at Stark Tower to embarrass Tony and meet the Avengers and try to set Tony up with Steve. Any ideas???