April 13th, 2018

Looking for Tony/T'Challa, might be Gen, long fic

Hello! I'm looking for a fic I read a while back. i can't remember if it had multiple chapters but it was long. I'm pretty sure it was shippy but it might have been gen. Tony gets to Wakanda and is slowly accepted. I remember there was a huge focus on the different tribes and their leaders. Tony requests citizenship or adoption, I can't remember, and he has to do trials to get into a tribe. There is a focus on what each tribe is good at, why they exist, as well as the fights between them. In the end, Tony passes the trial and is adopted. Does that ring any bell?

Clint in Asgard, targeted for past life [FOUND]

Hi! This is a specific fic search. I remember a fic where Clint is forced to go to Asgard, and the Avengers go with him. He’s taken because he was a reborn Valkyrie (Heidi, I think her name was??). There’s a bathing scene and also a situation where many people try to court him, so he fights them off. Whoever can find this fic, thanks!