April 15th, 2018

Homeless Peter Search

Sorry, I know this was posted before bit didnt get any hits. Hopefully the second time around will be better. Can anyone recommend some fics where Peter Parker is or becomes homeless and is more or less taken in by the Avengers? I have read one where his family dies or he his kicked out, either situation is fine with me, I am just having trouble finding more.

Thanks guys!

Post civil war Natasha sends tony her hair

Looking for a post civil war fanfic where Natasha feels guilty and to get Tony’s forgiveness she sends tony her hair that she cut off in a box ending up with a pixie cut(I remember the rogues in wakanda reacting to Natasha’s new haircut). She also becomes Tony’s bodyguard and signed the contract in blood but tony said she didn’t need to do this although she insisted. Can’t remember more about it....idk if it was a fix it or not but I think maybe Clint was still an ass