April 20th, 2018


Shuri and Tony Stark

I ran across a very nice editorial piece about Shuri and the upcoming Infinity War, with a subtitle of "Move over, Tony Stark." I'd already been wondering how she and Stark would get along in fan fiction, whether they'd become friends, competitors, work together, or what. I can see the teenager taking a look at Tony's best work and coming up with a much better upgrade the next afternoon, with the two snarking at each other the whole time. So, has anyone took that idea the written about it? Any such stories yet? I can at least recommend a fine look at the wonderful characterization of Shuri. (problem posting the URL of the piece -- hope it works to start with vox dot com and follow with culture slash 2018/2/20 slash 17030266 slash black-panther-shuri-letitia-wright-best)