April 21st, 2018


Jewish Hawkeye mourns Phil

Damn it! Another bit of fiction I want to re-read and can't locate. I don't remember if this is a one-shot, part of a themed series, of part of a larger story. Takes place not long after the Battle of New York. Clint Barton, who is Jewish in this story, is mourning Coulson (I think they were together) and troubled over his own actions while controlled by Loki. Some Jewish holy day is coming up (don't remember which one) or maybe it's just the end of the mourning period (Shiva?). He writes and posts online a letter asking for forgiveness for what's he'd done.

Thanks for any help in finding this.

Asgardian to Jötnar

Does anyone know of a story that has a part wherein it is discovered that it is possible to change Asgardians into Jötnar, and Loki makes sure this is done to Sif, to shut her up and give her a taste of her own bigotry and hatred?

I think it was on AO3, and there were more people than just her who were changed into Frost Giants for their own survival. 

 There was some historical information that Jotunheim may have been colonized by Asgard, but then the people had to metamorph into something that could survive there.

Thanks for any help you can give!