April 27th, 2018

Bamf! Tony helicarrier scene fic (FOUND in comments)

I'm looking for a story I'm pretty sure I read on ao3. I think it was a oneshot short story
This is what I remember:
On the helicarrier when Steve says his big man/suit phrase, Tony answers with something more serious like "I'm the man who made the suit. In a cave. From a box of scraps. While being held captive." At that point Fury takes notice and SHIELD start referring to him more regarding the avenger initiative. I think that at the end they find something wrong with Steve?
Please help it's driving me crazy

Fanfic with hurt Steve

Looking for a fanfic I read a while ago and would love to read again. Steve is fighting robots and starts to get overwhelmed. He calls to Tony for backup but he disregards the importance of the call, getting there a bit late. Consequently Steve is stabbed and is in serious condition. Steve then travels to this alternate universe where he meets all the other versions of him who have died, including a female, a child and an evil version of himself. In the end it's Steve/Tony.