May 7th, 2018

specific hurt!Thor fic, rape tw

I'm trying to find a fic. I remember very specific things about, but unforunately not a name or an author. I think there's a high chance the story's been deleted, especially because I think I tracked down the author but I have no way to get in touch with them so I can't go that route. I still want to attempt to find this story, and see if maybe someone saved it even before it was taken down because I loved it.

It was a hurt!Thor fic that had only two chapters in it last I saw. Thor was raped by Loki, and I'm pretty sure Loki cut his hair to dishonor him and prevented Thor from using his powers and Mjilnor during the rape (and I think that was still in affect after). Steve was very protective and had parts in his POV. I remember when Loki brought Thor back, Steve jump over a kitchen counter or something like that. I remember Bruce taking care of Thor post-rape, and Steve was comforting him. I also remember Thor having a green (?) blanket during this.

I think Thor was playing basketball before Loki took him.

I definitely remember how the second chapter ended, which was Thor afraid to enter his room again (since Loki abducted him there), and Steve offered Thor the use of his room and bathroom.

That's all. Does this sound familliar to anyone else?

Loki and Tony are brothers

I have read a few stories about Loki and Tony being brothers and I am looking for more. It does not matter if they are pseudo brothers or if the related by blood. I am having trouble finding any more. I was hoping that you could help me find any more.

Steve Rogers Angst?

Hey, can anyone recommend me any good steve rogers angst? Anything to really twist the knife that was infinity war thanks.

(I've added a ton of tags so really just anything steve centred)

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