May 8th, 2018

Ms. Marvel

Tony is jokingly compared to Lex Luthor

This was written post-The Avengers, back when everything was sunshine and nothing hurt. Well, too much, anyway. The Avengers all live at the tower and somehow they get on the topic of comparing themselves to DC characters. As a joke, they say Tony's Lex Luthor. When he denies this, they give him a bunch of reasons like running his company and his attitude or something. Tony becomes properly upset by this, thoug the others don't realize it at the time (I think?). It's only later (possibly days later, and Tony's pulling back?) that they realize how he took it.

I'm pretty sure Tony makes a comment something like, "I'm the only one in your little thought experiment that ended up a villain!"

The rebuttal, coming from either Steve or Clint, was "Don't you see? (lists off traits of Tony's) You're the goddamn Batman!"