May 9th, 2018

Clintasha fanfic!

Hello! New to livejournal but been a clintasha fan forever! I feel like I’ve been rereading fan fictions because I’ve read so many of them! It’s a miracle when I find something new to read and I get so excited!

Anyways, wondering if any of you have the PDF of a deleted fanfic? History’s Mistakes by bob5fic! Found it on a rec site and desperate to read. If not, do you guys have similar suggestions?


PFD for I Do (please say you want me) by ceeainthereforthat

Hi, does anyone have a pdf saved of I Do (please say you want me) by ceeainthereforthat?

It's been deleted and i didn't make a copy :(

Summary:Steve Rogers wants to be President of the United States. That’s why Bucky should tell him no when Steve asks him out on a date…but he doesn’t, and the story about the son of former Vice President Joe Rogers and a high ticket BDSM dominant going out on the town is in the media days later. When Steve won’t throw Bucky under the bus to save his reputation–and his popularity ratings–they’re offered Plan B: Love at First Sight. A Whirlwind Courtship. A Fairytale Wedding, and an amicable divorce five years later.
It’s Bucky’s dream come true turned into a heartbreaking tragedy–because Steve’s not just handsome, considerate, and romantic…he’s also dominant, with a surprising fondness for sadism. Steve’s perfect. He’s temporary. And if that’s all Bucky can get, he’ll take it.

Specific Thorki Fic Search

Hello, I was wondering if anyone is familiar with a fic about Loki serving Thor as reparation for the Chitauri?  Everyone's memories of Loki has been altered by Odin to practically erase him from existence in the minds of others.  I remember Thor tried to get Loki into his bed fairly early on.

It's been forever since I've read it, and last time I left it it was a WIP.  I'm hoping there are more updates, or just to reread what's there again.

Thanks in advance!

Specific fic with Christine Everhart

Hi, I'm really hoping that someone recognises this fic. What i remember is that Christine Everhart is doing a story and something is said that makes her look deeper and she goes to Sokovia I think it is, and speaks to a woman who used to work for Hydra. Her son had been tortured by Wanda and was in a vegetative state as a result, needing constant care. The woman gave Everhart everything she had on Wanda so that the truth could be published. Pretty sure it was on A03.

Thank you in advance for your help.