May 10th, 2018

impossible planet

Steve/ Bucky fic search

I have been looking for this fic for a couple of days and it’s driving me mad! All I can remember is that it’s a post CA:TWS (pre Ultron, or disregarding it) where Bucky is staying at the Tower while he recovers.Tony uses some kind of Asgardian liquor as a sedative on Bucky to examine/ replace his arm, because it had worked on Steve when he was injured. Bucky becomes hilariously chatty and horny—- I think he and Steve start making out and Tony is very embarrassed? I think it was part of a long fic or a series, but I’ve been through all my bookmarks and can’t find it so I would be very grateful for any help! It was probably on Ao3, but I haven’t had any luck searching through the tags there.