May 17th, 2018

alive jarvis, Maria Hill and Tony work together

So I’m looking for a ff after age of Ultron I think? Tony -maybe?- time Travels to the past and changes thinks. I remember clearly that he works together with Maria hill and that as Thor grabs Tony by the throat she interferes. Maria is upset because once it looks like Jarvis dies (the others don’t care) but later on: Jarvis lives
Any ideas? Thanks!!!

Loki has panic attacks, destroys Tony's penthouse in a fit of anger

Looking for a longish fic where Loki ends up staying in Stark Tower, specifically Tony's penthouse. I think Loki was Tony's slave but I can't quite remember. Loki destroys Tony's home in rage and then has a panic attack when Tony confronts him (I seem to recall something about a lamp? and books? being thrown around in Loki's fit). Basically a lot of Loki angst and hurt/comfort. 

Please help!