May 18th, 2018

Specific Coulson fic

So I've been on a Coulson kick lately and I was looking for a fic I had previously read but now can't find. The fanfic takes place sometime after the first Avengers. Everyone thinks Coulson is dead. Coulson wakes up for the first time in a medical room to the sound of alarms going off around the base. And because of this security is all over and he manages to sneak out of his room and make it into the vents where he makes his way to his office to get a change into a suit. From there he stealtily makes his way towards Fury. Who is with the Avengers. And then I don't remember what happens.

If anyone knows where to find this fic please let me know. Thanks in advance!
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Steve Thought Dead

Hey all!

Are there any stories where the Avengers think steve is dead, but hes not?

Please make it a happy ending and lots of comfort in that hurt/comfort. Any pairing is fine EXCEPT for Steve/Natasha - I like them better as friends. If it could be in a universe either pre civil war or no mention of it, that wiuld be awesome. I'm hurting right now!!


Specific Story: Tony kidnapped / Avenvers watch video feed

So I'm looking for a story where Tony was kiddnapped and tortured, and the Avengers are sent a video. Now, I'm aware that this sounds like every second avengers story ever, so let me specify: I think it was written from Steve's POV. Natasha, Clint and Phil were also there, and commented on the video to make Steve feel better - aka, they explained what Tony was doing, since they were trained to spot this sort of thing. Steve knows that this is for his benefit, but accepts it anyway. If I recall correctly, it was a Stony fic, and either on Ao3 or on
That's pretty much all I remember, does anyone happen to know what I'm talking about? It'd be much appreciated!