May 19th, 2018

cap - relief

Team cap realizes consequences of civil war when faced with threat of Thanos

I guess I’m searching for something set post civil war, where someone from team cap thinks “oh no, why did the Thanos threat have to happen after the Avengers are broken”. I can easily imagine Tony blaming himself, so I would love to see that kind of character development from team cap. From Natasha maybe? From Steve? Any ideas? Thank you.
spn: devil rose

best intro fics for avengers!fandom

Hi everyone - I'm branching into the avengers fandom because I love some of the characters, and my older fav fandoms don't have many new fics anymore. Can anyone recommend their favorite fics to get started in the Avengers!verse? I'm particularly interested in Thor/Loki (and all the Norse characters), Steve/Tony, and any good femmeslash. I also like (possibly prefer) RPF AUs, I'm just looking for some of the fandom's classic stories to fall in love with :)

Thanks for helping a marvel newbie out!

Update: THANK YOU to everyone who's been so kind in sharing their favs and recs! And I've recently discovered that I have a weak spot for Steve/Bucky, so I have a huge list of fics to explore. This is like the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks guys!