May 26th, 2018

The Winter Soldier kidnaps Steve post-movie

I don't remember the exact plot but post-The Winter Soldier movie, The Winter Soldier believes Steve is in more danger in the hospital so he kidnaps him and looks after him in a safe house. I think he starts to remember but Steve comes down with an infection and Bucky has to call(?) Natasha/Natasha shows up to save Steve but doesn't turn Barnes in.

Thanks in advance!

Howling Commandos + Watching Movies

I have read what feels like all the watching movies fanfics that I can find. Has anyone read any where the Howling Commandos or others from the past watch any of the MCU movies (like Howard watching Iron Man). If not, hopefully someone will write those.
Also, if you know of any watch the movies fanfics that you enjoy, please share.

Thank you!

Wanda get a bit of payback

I just read at AO3 an unfinished Infinity War/Dragon Ball crossover called "The Three Gods" that stops with one of the aliens touching an imprisoned Wanda on the forehead and reading her mind. Wanda is upset, angry, and horrified that someone would enter her mind without her permission. That made me laugh and wonder if there are any other stories with a similar scene.

And the tag could read either mind control or mind reading.