May 29th, 2018

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Hi, I'm looking for any fics where:

1) The villains are extremely protective over Tony (preferably after the events of Civil War).

2) Any fic where Wanda finds out that Tony didn't kill her parents.

3) The team finds out about Afghanistan, the arc reactor and/or Obadiah Stane.

Also any fic where Tony is surprisingly good at his job would be appreciated.

Looking for deleted Thorki fic 'as the waves break'

I'm looking for this deleted Thor/ Loki fic "as the waves break" by black_nata. It was used to be called "Lightning Strikes (The Pages Keep On Turning)" I think. I used waybackmachine's cache'd version to read the first 9 chapters but unfortunately, it didn't capture the rest of the chapters.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: It has been found! Thank you!

looking for a parallel universe / our world fanfiction

so i'm really loving fanfics rn where either one of them or all avengers somehow end up in our world, where they're just fictional. but i somehow can't really find a lot altough i know there are. if there's a pairing, i'd love to read something with steve, but that's not that important. anyone help me out?

Steve takes a long fall.

Hope someone can help me on these older stories just from a rather vague description of one scene where the team is trying to rescue people from accidents or attacks. One has Thor and (I think) Steve in a sky tram or gondola that's about to lose it's cable over a deep open space. The other is an attack on a bridge where traffic is at a standstill. Either a crane or the bridge cables are about to give way (made worse by a semi plowing through the other cars) and Steve is on it. That chapter ends with Steve falling and landing in the water face first and the next chapter begins with Steve in the hospital in a lot of pain. Thanks, guys.