May 31st, 2018

Looking for a Loki fic

Hi all! I read this fic ages ago and its been bugging me that I can't find it. Similar-ish in concept to "Fire from a busted gun" by yersifanel.

Loki ends up in a secured room with SHEILD or something, they discover he's been mind controlled but he freaks out and panics a lot. I think there's a scene where he hides under the bed/or cowers at the other side of the room. I think maybe someone tried to kill him while he was in there? I believe he also made a few attempts on his own life, and Thor has to restrain him? I can't remember clearly, but its possible Tony and Thor were his main visitors. 99.99% sure it was on AO3.

I hope someone knows what I'm talking about, I really loved this fic and I'm sad I can't find it. :( Thanks in advance! Even if it's not this fic, anything with some similar concept would be amazing and please rec it to me if you know of any. Thanks again!

steve & bucky argue?

Hiii! I'm looking for a Steve & Bucky fic, (I think it was Stucky?)
where people see Steve and Bucky argue a lot? I think the Howlies were in it, but I remember a part where the Avengers are trying to take down a HYDRA base and Bucky doesn't agree with Steve's plan? I think Steve punches him?
They don't actually hate eachother, they're just really stubborn and I think arguing is the only way they can make the other understand their point?

Also, if you have outsider POV on steve/bucky?
please share??

thank you!!