June 5th, 2018

frostiron fanfic

okay so i read this fic awhile ago and i just cant find it.

i remember that loki was sent back to earth for his punishment and no one is happy about it and SHEILD soldiers are constantly watching him, then one day he appears in tonys lab and they talk a bit, talking about how tony pranked clint with bird food using little bots and then loki and tony end up in a prank war. some of the pranks were like, putting salt on donuts, magicking weird stuff in the elevator when tony was in it and someone else was trying to get in and then loki ends up flying out a window. then they decide to try prank everyone else on the team, at one point loki ends up cooking food and the food makes the avengers' voices go deeper or higher and made them grow hair and stuff. its really funny and good and id really appriciate the help. :)