June 10th, 2018

Clint/Phil or Clint/Pietro

It could be a Clint/Phil or Clint/Pietro story, but I’m positive it is Clint/Pietro

I’m looking for a fanfic that is set in an Alternate Universe where the Avengers are a band. Pietro is like the biggest fan of the band. He is in love with the lead singer who I believe is Clint, but not positive. The Avengers wear costumes on stage so they won’t be recognized when they are going through their daily life. Pietro meets Clint in a coffee shop. They talk about the band and music. Clint is shy around Pietro. Clint works on a song in front of Pietro. Pietro likes both the lead singer and Clint. Pietro goes to a concert towards the end of the story and Clint also reveals his identity. They get together with help from Nat and Wanda.

That’s all I remember, hope someone can help.

Looking for Frostiron PT AU fic

Hi! I read this fic ages ago and all I can remember was that Tony was attending Physical Therapy (PT) and notices Loki who has a cane and braces on his hands i believe because his muscles give out or jerk unexpectedly. Tony at some point makes him hand braces to help as a gift/apology. I thibk the reason Loki was like that was because he was tortured with the paralyzing device Obie used in IM1 because people wanted something on Tony.

Im positive it was on AO3. I hope someone recognises this fic, it was amazing. Thanks in adavance!