June 13th, 2018

Loki Fic

There was a Loki fic where Odin took Loki's magic away and he was put in a coma. All the mages of Asgard went on strike because they all felt the pain, and they took him to Iceland where they set up a new community. The Avengers go and check it out and learn more about Loki. I remember a line that said 'taking a mage's magic away is like reaching in and ripping out all the blood vessels' or something like that.

Anyone know? Thx.


[FOUND in comments]

This is my first time posting to LJ so help me out if I do this wrong. So I'm looking for this fanfic I read a while ago. I was set right after the Battle of Manhattan. Tony opens up his tower to the rest of the Avengers and Clint and Bruce are the only ones that accept the offer immediately. As a result, Clint, Bruce, and Tony become really close. There are some scenes I remember like: the trio go to SHIELD for a mission debrief and some agents bully Clint and Tony steps in. There's also a point where the rest of the Avengers move in and realize how close the three are. That's all I got, thanks in advance.

FOUND Steve dies and watches over Tony

So I read this fic so long ago and cannot find it anywhere! I remember the premise was that Steve died on the courthouse steps like he did and he sticks around to watch Tony. I remember there was a cryptic girl who spoke to him.

So anyway he watches Tony fall to pieces and stuff and eventually Tony dies and sees Steve again. Any ideas?