June 17th, 2018

  • azsh

Loki in Highschool Loki/Tony

Hi I'm looking for specific fic where Loki, Tony and the other avengers are in higjschool. Tony and Loki end up becoming close I believe they both have a class in photography. I remember a specific part in the fic where Loki performs for the homecoming football game, he ends up singing the song Survival by Muse with a choir and band.

It would be really helpful if you guys know where to find it or at least the name of the fic.


P.S. I'm totally interested in some recs as well.

wanda forgiving tony fic

hello, i was wondering if there's a story about wanda maximoff forgiving tony stark for the bombing in sokovia (bcs almost in every fic i read wanda is always so hateful to tony for the bombing that killed her parents and i'm tired of that)? any fic where tony and wanda have a nice friendship and understanding with each other, and maybe getting protective of each other. no romantic ship though. thank you in advance :)