June 19th, 2018

Looking for a couple Clint/Coulson Fics

So, I'm looking for:

1.)  A fic in which Clint is in a building when it explodes and everyone thinks he is dead. It turns out he is not dead, and Clint is super pissed because Coulson left him behind and he had to steal a jet and get back into American Air Space. I feel like it is told from Coulson's POV and then from Clint's POV. Anyway's, Clint is super pissed and then he stops because he realizes Coulson is upset and doesn't know why at first, but then someone tells him that they thought he was dead. 

2.) Fic in which Phil had filled out paperwork stating he intended to seek out a relationship with Clint, but then he never does because he does not want to be another guy in Clint's life that takes advantage. He wanted Clint to be the one to initiate the relationship. When he gives the paperwork to Fury, Fury tells him to just turn in the secondary form when things go bad like everybody else does. Clint doesn't believe him at first about the form, but there is a copy of it.

3.) Fic in which after Phil was brought back to life, he is falling apart. Clint finds out Phil is alive and meets up with him on the bus a couple times. Phil finds out Tony, Steve, and I think Bruce were partly responsible for bringing him back to life. He remembers seeing them behind the glass when he was on the table begging to be allowed to die. Clint and Phil are not happy with them after Phil remembers this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!