June 22nd, 2018

Looking for fic where Tony goes to Wakanda after CW

Hi! So,this was a fic i read ages ago and all i can remember is that Tony was in Wakanda to speak with T'Challa and the Exvengers had disguised themselves as guards to follow him. Im pretty sure Tony has a heart attack when they reveal themselves. I don't remember if T'Challa knew they were there, or if he knew but Steve hadn't told him the truth about Siberia, or if he didn't know and got pissed at them. 99.99% sure it was on AO3.

Thanks in advance! I hope someone recognises this!
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Two stories: Ace!Tony and Dad!Bucky

Hi guys. I'm slowly going bonkers looking for those two. I could swear I saved them to fic folder, but I can't find them, so...

1  - Tony doesn't actually like sex, but is used to putting out on the  first date for anyone who wants it. Then he goes on a date with Steve,  invites him to his room afterwards, and is baffled when Steve only wants  a kiss goodbye.

2 - FOUND! "Old Lullabies" by Chaya. - Bucky/Winter Soldier finds a black baby boy  in a dumpster. He and Steve end up adopting him, and the rest of the  story are snapshots of the boy growing up with the coolest set of aunts  and uncles imaginable. The scene I remember in most detail is when they  take the boy to a toy store and tell him to pick one toy. The boy can't  decide between two dolls, and while he keeps hesitating, some a-hole  sneers about gay men rising a gay child. Steve springs up from a crouch  and turns angrily, and is surprised when the man runs away like a scared  little trash he is. (Bucky has a good laugh at Steve's confusion).

Is this familiar to anybody? Thanks.


Tony is done with the world

I'm looking for a fic in which Tony has had enough with being the scapegoat for everything and everyone.
I'm really not sure about anything, but I think he was giving an interview and told the journalist that, basically, he wouldn't do anything anymore to save the world since he was always blamed for things going wrong in the past. Possibly, it was from Nick Fury's point of view, watching the interview with the (Rogue) Avengers and telling them something like "And that is Tony Stark saying fuck you to the world".
Could be post-Ultron or post-Civil War, probably the latter. 99.99% sure it was on AO3.
Thanks for the help! And similar fic recs are always welcome.

EDIT: no Nick Fury in this fic. Thank you ana_rpm for finding it: https://archiveofourown.org/works/11302824


hi! so im looking for this fic i read a few weeks ago where peter parker gets dunk and damian wayne punches flash at a wayne party so they kidnap director fury and damian has a bazuka. they also see deadpool at one point eating a chimichanga. can anyone tell me what this fic is called?