June 28th, 2018

Tony's Son Restores JARVIS


I'm trying to find a specific story where Tony's son manages to restore/fix/bring back JARVIS for Christmas with Vision's help. It was a secret whilst he was restoring him. I think it may have been a crossover, but it could have also not been. This is literally the only thing I remember and yet it has been taunting me for a while.

Thank you in advance for any help you can give for an extremely vague ask!

looking for a lost fic

I was reading a fic where shield has a secret town and anyone who crosses them/ won;t do as they're told is put there acting and being treated as a child against their will. Tony ends up Steve and Bucky's baby and fights against them it was long nad very good still being infrequently updated but I can't find it my old comp crashed along with all my book marks I know it was on AO3