July 10th, 2018

Peter centric fics!!

I am looking for any good fics about our favorite little spider. Any and all recs are appreciated but, if you could find me one that fits these prompts I would be forever grateful. (Preferably not superfamily.)

1. Peter's class takes a trip to stark towers and everyone finds out peter wasn't lying about knowing tony.( If it helps anyone here is one about this )

2. Peter gets hurt or kidnapped on a mission and tony becomes overprotective.

3. The avengers (or any other hero or person) didn't already know Peter's age and are freaked out by how young he is.

4. Homeless Peter!

5. And last but not least... Peter whump.

So, I hope I can get some of these and feel free to rec your favs!

Tony has a heart attack when the Siberian bunker tapes are released to the media

I'm looking for a story (or part of a story?) where Tony sees the bunker fight and the Stark hit tapes released to the media without any warning and collapses from a heart attack. It's not Amend by ancalime8301, I checked that one and it's not the one. Another story I though I had which got lost in the shuffle. Bleh!