July 13th, 2018

Looking for a couple of fics

Looking for a couple of fics i cant find.

The first is a frostiron fic where Tony gets seriously injured. Loki travels to Asgard for a healing stone for Tony but is denied by Odin. Frigga gives him a golden apple and Loki has Bruce puree it and feed ot to Tony. It helps to heal it injuries and Tony is upset to find that the apple can give him immortality. Loki eslxplains that it would only extend his life by about 20 years I think because of the extent of his injuries. I remember he later eats a second apple and realizes that the super soldier serum gives Steve a longer life and i remeber that he gets to see his children and those of the other avengers grow up.

The second fic that I'm looking for I only remember a small scene. Thor brings a blinded Loki to Stark tower. He asks Tony for sanctuary for the both of them and I remember that Loki feels Tony's face and panics when he realizes that Thor brought him to the avengers. Sorry thats all I remember. I know its not much. Most likely a frostiron fic but not positive.

Specific Tony/Steve fic

Okay, I'm looking for a specific Steve/Tony fic. I think it was ambiguous universe, maybe MCU. In it, Tony is caught in a time loop where he dies at the end of every day and each time he dies, he gets weaker and weaker. Loki is a good guy in this one, and he helps save Tony by identifying the villain and helping solve the issue. Tony ends up being so weak that they need to use Extremis to save him, so he lives to end the time loop. Post WS!Bucky is there as well, and each of the Avengers helps give Tony advice and eventually they all work on a solution.

Thank you!