July 16th, 2018

Looking for a Clint/Phil fic

I'm looking for a fic in which after Phil was brought back to life, he is falling apart. Clint finds out Phil is alive and meets up with him on the bus a couple times. Phil finds out Tony, Steve, and I think Bruce were partly responsible for bringing him back to life. He remembers seeing them behind the glass when he was on the table begging to be allowed to die. Clint and Phil are not happy with them after Phil remembers this. I remember Phil is writing the strange symbols and May is worried about him and I think she even calls Clint at one point maybe. I want to say this may have been a series or at least a multi chapter fic.

One more Clint/Phil Fic

I thought I could find this one on my own, but I give up...

I'm looking for a fic that is post Battle NY and is a fix-it fic, Darcy is Phil's assistant. Someone tells Phil his assistant (Darcy) is throwing things around the office at the tower and Phil asks if it’s just papers or electronics and they hear a crash and Phil tells Clint (or whoever he was talking to) that he better go handle that. This is the same fic in which Phil asks Steve to help with recruitment and Darcy as well because she joined at the time that no one would want to joint because it’s so dangerous. Steve is reluctant to help because he had never liked that part of being Captain America, but said he would do whatever was needed.

Infinty wars fanfiction finder


Hi , I am looking for a fanfic, that is set during and after infinity war. But they all survive, because doctor strange kept turning back the clock. But they don't know that, until they notice he is traumitised.
If anyone knows of any fic like this please comment.
Thanks 😊

An AU Steve Rogers shows up

I've read a story or two where Tony Stark is somehow transported to another universe where the Avengers are still together and still a tight unit (some are A/B/O), and totally shocked at how badly Tony (any Tony) was treated. And I read one the other day where the rogues are sparring in Wakanda and Wanda's magic throws Steve into a wall. When he wakes up some time later he has forgotten the last 2-3 years, forgetting that he and Tony are no longer a couple. (Don't request links please. If I can find said stories again I'll post. Otherwise, they're lost in the shuffle.)

I got to wondering if there were any stories where it was Cap who ended up in an AU where things were still good with the team and they didn't see Stark as nothing more than their bank, a fuck up, and a scapegoat. Or vice versa.

JARVIS pieces himself back together

This is another storyline I've seen a few times in fiction, usually at AO3, and keep misplacing, so I'd like to find and re-find any fanfiction like this... A line of code floating around deep in the internet finds and joins with another line of code, then another and another, slowing growing as more codes merges with the rest. Eventually, months or years down the line, it awakens to sentience and realizes he had a life, a mission. Some time has gone by before JARVIS is aware again and searches for Sir, who has changed a lot in the intervening years.

Peter Parker and Tony Stark fic

So I'm looking for fic I read a few months ago and now cannot remember the title or author so I'm hoping you can help me here.

I dont remember much just that Peter Parker was very protective of Tony and the one scene that stands out is Tony getting sick in an alleyway and Peter was with him and afterwards Happy picking them up. I think it was on AO3. And possibly either multichapter or part of a series.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Edit 10/1/18

The fic has been found backseat comfort by justtopostmyfic