July 18th, 2018

Spider Peter Parker

Hi Everyone,

I’m looking for fanfics where Peter Parker is dealing with side effects of the being part spider. For example: maybe he feels more comfortable sleeping on a web he made on the ceiling versus a bed. Or, he can’t eat certain things because of “spider” allergies. Bonus: if Tony is in the story as a type of father figure. Double bonus if Peter is hurt.

Thank you so much!!!

Help please

I’ve been looking for these five for hours now and I can’t find them. I’m pretty sure they’re both on ao3 though. They’re both Stony fics.

The first one is where Clint’s slowly realizing what’s going on between the two, but he’s still oblivious. He keeps finding problems with Tony’s place, like messed up carpeting and broken shower nozzles. Plus Tony keeps having his bed fixed.

The second one is where Steve and Tony don’t know each other but they’re neighbors in this apartment building. Tony gets home at random times with visitors, and Steve can always hear them through the thin walls.

Please help me find them cuz it’s making me go crazy. Thank you!
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Bucky is split into four personalities

Hi y'all,

I'm looking for a fic in which we follow Bucky after he was found by Hydra. They try to brainwash him but instead of "deleting" Bucky and replacing him with the Winter Soldier, they create new personalities: Sasha, affable and smart, Alexej, young and idealistic, and the Winter Soldier. Over time, Bucky learns to communicate with them, and they end up working together to get away from Hydra and later protect Steve.
I'm sure I saw this on AO3 but my AO3 works search skills failed me. :(

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Unrequited love fic rec

Can anyone rec me some unrequited love fics?
REAL unrequited love please, no «oh hey we both like each other» misunderstanding with happy ending.

I’m looking for angst, sad feels and bittersweet endings.

No hate or cruelness please. If for example; Tony loves Steve but Steve’s in love with Bucky, Steve doesn’t rub it in Tony’s face or mock him for his feelings. Angst is okay- hate or character bashing is not.

Tony and Bucky are my favs so any fics with them would be welcome, but honestly ANY Avenger will do. I need me some heartbreak and sad feels.

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Hi, I'm looking for a multi chapter fic of one shots. It was what if's of the movies, it's not Siberian Variations. The one I can remember was is that Maria Hill called Tony during the Winter Soldier and he took control of the helicarriers and stopped the file dump.

I hope some one can help find it, 

thank you.