August 7th, 2018

A lost fic

This fic isnt written. What i mean is its like a comic (drawn pics with dialogues). The avengers who signed the accords are known as the ultimates. And theres a scene like tony visiting his parents grave and natasha join him and they go back and drink and tony saying he blamed himself for parents death but now thankfully can blame barnes sarcastically . Team cap kinda signing the accords after king of wakanda tells him. And cap coming to back. The fic had really cute pics
I couldn't find this again when i tried.

Pls see if u can find this fanfic! !!

Tony and Avengers whump recs

I'm looking for any and all fics where the Avengers realize how unfairly they take advantage of Tony and/or where Tony pushes himself too far. I've been craving Tony whump involving the other Avengers. Thank you!