August 8th, 2018


The info dump didn't really change things all that much

I'm in the middle of re-reading Enemies List 2: The Cards They're Dealt by Qweb at FanFiction.Net, fixing the look and font size to finally print out. (I've given up on anything new; it's been 28 months and counting since the last update.) In chapter 5 I ran across a plot point that I'm surprised never occurred to me (or anyone else that I've seen so far). In a team discussion everyone is admitting that they've done terrible things they wish they hadn't. Steve says he's sorry he had to release all the SHIELD information, getting a lot of good and innocent people killed. Tony points out that they were all "dead men walking" anyway; that they were all on Project Insight's hit list and would have been killed notwithstanding. [*insert light bulb going off here*] Now I admit that I rarely read Team Cap fiction, so I would have missed it if someone else had brought it up. So I'd like to find any other stories that bring up that point. Are there any out there?