August 15th, 2018

  • kh910

2 Fics Tony Post-CACW

Hi guys, hoping for help finding 2 fics (or they could be 2 scenes from 1 fic, I guess).

FIC 1 — Tony comes home from Siberia ready for a spot of revenge. He plans personalised, non-physical, revenge for each Avenger. Rhodey helps him with Sam's revenge. I remember their revenge for Sam involved turning the conversation to Bucky every time someone mentioned Sam so that Steve (watching on TV) would focus on Bucky. This helped show Sam how not important he was in Steve's world. (Better revenge then I made it sound)

FIC 2 — Tony goes to recruit Matt Murdock (Daredevil). He gives him a tablet with the accords loaded. Matt thinks he's an arse but Tony quickly explains it uses brail. He also included a bunch of art programs, etc. When Matt goes to return it later Tony says it's his for the price of an honest review, Matt loves it.