August 18th, 2018

OfTheDamned shirt boys

Stucky dealing with post-serum body issues?

Looking for any fics with Steve/Bucky not really loving Steve's new body and size after the serum. Maybe Bucky really liked him small, maybe Steve liked fitting under Bucky's arm, or being manhandled, or being the effeminate one. Maybe Bucky used to top and now it feels wrong. Literally anything where Steve's new body is a problem, plus bonus gender identity/gender role-drama also welcome. Thanks guys!

Howard Stark + time travel

Hi, im looking for fics where howard is sent forward into the "future" (or the current year) to see what his son has become. Maybe throw in some guilt or past misunderstandings between them that caused their strained relationship before he died, and how he wants to fix it or something like that. Thank you!

Shield Agents + awesome Tony

I've been reading The War is Far From Over Now BY
Dont_call_me_Carrie and I'm looking for similar fics.

Like what happened to all the former Shield Agents who weren't Hydra? Former Shield agents now working for SI.
I want fics with people realizing Tony was managing the Avengers/new shield without any help.
Or people finally realizing Tony was holding, managing, paying etc everyone's way while being treated like he was less than the other heroes.

Basically awesome in charge multitasker Tony.