August 20th, 2018

Clint/Coulson Fic

Hey guys, I'm looking for a fic in which Tony finds out that Coulson was ordered to get close to Clint initially and this is what started their relationship. Tony tells Clint about it and obviously it throws Clint but eventually Clint is able to forgive Phil. Phil admits that it started out as him following orders, but he did fall in love with Clint.

Avengers - Captain-IronMan Comic

Hi, searching for 616 Avengers fic, again, help please!!

Hi, last year I tried searching for this fic and no one could tell me about it then, I hope someone remembers now.

I know is a comic verse, Stony, and it ends with the fact that the Avengers can't go back to the Mansion 'cause it was sold before Tony could buy it back and then they discover that someone, I'm not sure what hero, I'm not sure if it's Danny Rand but is someone really rich, buys the Mansion and fixes it for the Avengers!! Please help!! Is driving me crazy!!

Thank you, be well, Monica