August 26th, 2018

Darcy & Clint - Related

Hey All!

I'm trying to find a fic (might be part of a series) in which Clint is Darcy's uncle. I don't think they saw each other in New Mexico, but the main scene was them reuniting in the common floor kitchen in the avengers tower sometime after the first avengers movie. Cue Tony (maybe) asking if they were dating, after the hug, and them breaking apart in order for them to tell everyone that they were family. 

If you have any other Darcy surprisingly related to an Avenger fics, I would love to read those as well!




Alright all, what's the one where post Civil War, Tony is living his life but investigating some type of antique clock thing that ends up being dangerous and connected to his family history? He's taking it to meet with an expert, the ex-Avengers assume he's coming to attack them, they drug him and tie him to a bed, everyone is angry and confused. I think Dr. Strange is involved. Ring any bells?

Fic with Tony talking as he saves an unconscious Steve

Long ago I read a fic where Steve ended up unconscious on some mission I think in some tunnels. Tony walks/carries the unconscious Steve to safety, and during the journey, Tony fills in the silence with talking and treating it as though it's a normal conversation between them. After the tunnels, Steve is unconscious in the hospital and Tony is still filling in the silence with talking until he wakes up.
It was a Gen fic, no slash, and I'm pretty sure it was on
Please help me find
Thanks :)