August 30th, 2018


BDSM story

Clint has only dropped for Phil, but just incase they start training him to drop for Steve. After a mission goes wrong and Steve is dosed with something they need someone to help. Clint volunteers and they decided to monitor the situation incase Steve hurts Clint. Clint is able to help Steve to the point that it’s safe to dart him. Clint doesn’t remember much besides Steve being a good Dom and Phil says they would be good together,but Clint says that it’s to bad that he’s a bad Sub. Steve is sorta avoiding Clint afterwards. After their latest battle Steve doesn’t realize that he’s putting Clint into headspace with his touches and praise because it’s been forever since Clint’s been down. Steve drops Clint on his floor. Clint collapses in tears and he goes into subdrop. Steve finds him and holds him. Clint tells Steve that he’d thought that Steve wouldn’t stay after Steve asks Clint why did he not ask for him. They talk and get together.