September 9th, 2018

  • kms726

Fic where Loki befriends a widow & her daughter on Midgard and births a humanoid Sleipnir?

I'm 99% sure that I read it on Ao3. Basically, what I remember was that Loki was hiding out on Midgard when he learned that he was pregnant with Sleipnir, and took on a female form. Loki was chased by something (a type of monster I forget the name of) and ended up being rescued by a single mother and a young daughter who let Loki into their home. Loki became good friends with them, and would correct any discrepancies in mythological stories the mother told her daughter. Loki stays with the family, giving birth to Sleipnir (who was a normal baby boy in this fic, not a horse) and stayed on Midgard until a little after Sleipnir's first birthday, hoping that things had cooled down on Asgard by then.

That's what I remember, and that the story was a decent length, lots of chapters.

I've searched all the tags I can think of on Ao3 and would really like to read it again, if anyone knows what fic I mean :)