September 10th, 2018

Looking for abused Tony fics/recs

Hello! I'm looking for any fics where Tony is a) abused as a child by Howard, b) abused/raped as a minor (while he's super young as is canon in high school/collage MIT) (preferably with Best Bro Rhodey to help him after), or c) in a relationship (of any kind, sexual, M/M F/M etc., friendship, etc.) and is mistreated/emotionally abused/physically abused/raped by the other party.

Bonus points if Rhodey or a random (like a therapist — group or one on one, a teen Tony finds and helps, someone in a therapy group he attends etc.) helps Tony out of the situation and tells him its wrong and not his fault. I'm very into the Not Avengers Friendly / Not Steve Friendly / Not Clint Friendly etc. tags at the moment. Any and all recs would be much appreciated thank you!
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Natasha turned child

There are many fics where almost all the Avengers are reverted to childhood. Are there any fics where NATASHA os reverted... Maybe pre- or mid- Black Widow training child Natasha who only recognises the Winter Soldier?

I'd prefer if she DOESN'T get turned back to adult (Bucky deciding raise Natalia as his daughter, fuck everyone) but anything is fine as long as it doesn't end with them being a couple.

I have read fics where Nat is Bucky's daughter from captivity, either m-preg or clone/sperm-stolen. That's NOT what I'm looking for.

I want Nat to be purely as half-brainwashed child who knows only Bucky/TWS and finds herself in America of all places (this is just an example, but u get it)

Looking for Team Iron Man Recs

Hi all,

I'm looking for post Civil War (or maybe pre as well) fics that are not on AO3. I'd like to read very fics that are very firmly Team Iron Man. That mean not Steve/Clint/Wanda friendly (the rest I'm not so fussy about but I'm super salty with those 3 in particular). My preferred pairings are FrostIron and WinterIron but gen or other rare pairs (Pepper/Tony, Strange/Tony, T'Challa/Tony etc) are not unwelcome.

I've completely drained AO3 dry with this theme I think so I'm reaching out to you all for recs from other sites. Hopefully there's a few lurking out there.

Oh! And I prefer completed works or, if it's a WIP, then it should be regularly updated (at least once a month).

Many thanks in advance for your time!

looking for forced age play fic

I think this story has been taken down but if anyone recognizes it and can give me a title or point me in the right direction I'd be grateful.

In this fic if powerful people don't listen to shield they get turned into adult babies and sent to a small shield owned town and adopted. 

Tony gets sent there to be steve and Bucky's baby against his will it was long and unfinished but I haven't been able to find it in months not since i got my new comp. please help me.

Carol Danvers in it as well.