September 11th, 2018

*FOUND* Steve and bucky story

I’m trying to find a story I read where the Avengers think Steve is a little obsessed with a new story about a prositute who had been raped. Eventually it comes out that before the serum Steve and Bucky had a really bad spot and Steve thought prostitution was the only way he could get the money they needed for rent or something. It didn’t go the way Steve thought it would and that’s why he’s so involved with the story. I think he even went to court room and sat with the lady.


Hello! I know somethings can be triggering so i put them below the line. Collapse ) I was wondering if there are any really good fics about loki dealing with trauma, like the conception of sleipnir or getting his lips sown shut. Or just any fics of him dealing with truly awful things happening to him. Thanks!

Captured Tony and Steve fic

hi guys Im looking for a fic where both tony and steve are captured but they only let tony eat food making steve starve. they want something dangerous from tony so they torture steve when he refuse. also the kidnappers want steve to think they r treating tony while making him suffer. thers also a scene when steve has a flashback and try to choke tony. Its NON slash.

i cant find this anywhere! pls help!!