September 17th, 2018

-FOUND!-SPECIFIC FIC- Looking For Merchant of Death Tony!

Im looking for a fic i once read where tony becomes a merchant of death. Here's what i know:

•Tony dies in Siberia
•Death comes and grows some lilies in the empty suit
•Steve discovers the suit and finds a letter saying he will be back when he's needed
•Tony doesn't come back until Thanos arrives(All the Avengers/Ex-Avengers have been defeated)
•Tony is singing that song from the hungers games(Are you, Are you, Coming to the tree, They strung up a man they say who murdered three)
•Tony defeats Thanos, others are surprised

Does anyone know where i might find this fic again?

Fic request

So im looking for fics that deal with the end scene from Iron Man 3 where Bruce falls asleep on Tony. Anything at all from funny to angsty. I prefer angst but i can read just about anything. I just want fics acknowledging the scene in some way.