September 27th, 2018

Darcy Lewis is awesome & Darcy mind-swaps with Steve

Okay, so two things I'm looking for.

1.)Any fanfics featuring Darcy being awesome/sassy/badass/funny, whatever. It doesn't have to be the main focus, I've just been craving some Darcy since I recently rewatched the first Thor movie. Gen is preferred, but any pairings are fine.

2.)I'm looking for this one fanfic I know I saved but cannot find for the life of me.

I know it was on Ao3, it was either really long or a series. Anyways, Darcy's family has this ability where some of them will spontaneously mind-swap/time travel to act as protectors for a designated person. Darcy swaps with scrawny pre-serum Steve and swaps with him often because he's always getting into fights he really can't handle. I know there's a part where she gets put in a psychiatric hospital just before becoming Jane's intern, and she ends up mind-swapping with Bucky as well.

FOUND Bodies-verse series

Looking for NON slash fics

hey guys! Im a huge fan of tony whump and looking for non slash fics cuz I"ve read so many fics and cant seem to find more. I would prefer if the fics arent evil team cap. Any fics before ultron ? Basically looking for team fic. Ive already used the tags.

Any recommended great fics?  


JARVIS returns to Tony

After reading the stories White Knight Protocol by SailorChibi and Primary Protocol by ShootMeDean (both at AO3) I'd like to find more stories where JARVIS is able to piece himself back to sentience and returns to Tony and the bots. I've seen stories where the downloading of the Siberian bunker videos allows two lines of code join up then find other familiar bits of coding until JARVIS is together enough to awaken weeks or months later. I've also seen a couple stories where Tony recalls the out of the way server farm where JARVIS was supposed to back himself up and await Tony coming to awaken him if something dire happened. I seem to recall one story where JARVIS ended up in some college class or business that used StarkTech and Tony recognized the coding when asked to come investigate the anomaly, but I can't remember anything else about it. Does anyone know of any others?