September 30th, 2018

Wingfic Tony/Steve

I'm looking for a particular fic in which tired/sleepy Tony keeps showing Steve his wings when Steve puts him to bed. Steve thinks it's a mistake and of course doesn't act on it. Clint/Coulsin in this one as well I'm pretty sure.

Control (Bucky/Winter Solider fics)

I'm looking for fics where the Winter Soldier/Bucky needs someone else to take their control/ground them, any and all pairings considered, but preferably slash. Ideally Bucky needs someone to help him control himself and goes to Tony/Darcy etc. (NOT Steve!!) Anything where WS/Bucky needs a new handler/a top/a dom/an alpha/an SO etc — someone one to help him/fix him/keep him grounded

Completed fics only and no TeamCap fics or Bucky/Steve please.

Any length, any rating, any warnings, but no abandoned/WIP pretty please :(