October 5th, 2018


Trying to find this fanfic

1. Steve and Tony are officially together and Clint believes that he’s just something fun
2. Steve and Tony announce they are together
3. Clint eats fake turkey and Natasha asks him why he’s eating that when he hates fake meat
4. Clint leaves the medical room when he thinks he’s not wanted
5. When Clint gets hurt Steve or Tony doesn’t visit him.
6. Clint decides to end it with Tony and Steve
7. Tony and Steve are shocked that Clint thought it was bootycalls
8. Tony and Steve tell Clint that they were kicked out of medical and that they thought Clint would escape and come to them
9. Clint tells them everything that hurts him about their arrangement
10. Steve and Tony are trying to find out Clint’s birthday
11. They get together in the end

Hope someone can help

Specific fics deleted?

Hey guys I'm hoping for some feedback but I don't think the stories I'm looking for might be out there anymore.

1. I'm looking for fics by, I'm pretty sure their user is Paperclip Dean, but since a while deleted their works an everything on their Ao3 account. They were just getting started and probably only had 3 fics at the time they erased it but I really liked them and hoped to read them again. It wasn't uploaded to Wayback either so hopefully someone saved it or posted elsewhere.

2. This one is about Father-son relationship between Tony and Peter. The only scene I really remember is Peter was walking down the front porch of his house in Queens ( I think he was grabbing things from home because Aunt May died) and he had a bit of a fever (or just overwhelmed) and fell down the stairs hitting his head and Tony panicking. I don't know for sure if this one was deleted since it was a while back but it may have been on ff at the time I read it but could never find it again.

This seems like a lost cause but if anyone has an idea or comment let me know.


Tony and Death

Hey guys,
I am looking for specific fic. Here is all I remember.

•It's post Civil War but before Infinity War.
•Thanos is about to arrive to Earth.
•It's team Iron Man.
•There is meeting between team Iron Man, team Cap, Guardians and Loki in some forest or something like that.
•Loki(?) tells them they need to speak with Lady Death and they argue who is the best person to do it.
•Tony sais he do it because he has the highest body count (5 million).

That's it. Hope you could help me. It drives mad.

Thanks in advance.
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Specific Clint/Coulson fic

I'm looking for a specific Clint/Coulson fic, and it's driving me crazy that I remember so little about it.
Clint goes to Phil's family home for Christmas (I can't remember if they're in an established relationship or not). The thing I remember most about the story is that Clint gets in touch with someone from the circus and arranges to have an old Hawkeye poster or painting delivered to him at the Coulson house to give to Coulson as a Christmas present, because he knows Phil likes collectables.
I'd really, really appreciate any help! Thanks :)

In search of Avengers Fanfiction

I'm looking for an avengers fanfiction that i can't remember the name of, or a whole lot about, but basically what i remember is the avengers for some reason think tony(or steve) is in love with with the other and hold a meeting(maybe they call it an intervention) to confront them and loki finds it hilarious until the reason is said and then hes angry because it turns out that loki and tony are secretly dating and loki pretty much gets in steves face and tells him that he doesnt share before kissing tony.
Help please!!