November 2nd, 2018

Stuckony Fanfic

Hey guys!
So I’m looking for a Bucky/Tony/Steve fanfic that I’m pretty sure was on ao3. All I remember from the fic is that something happened to Tony, either getting majorly injured or sick, and as a result lost a lot of his mental capabilities. So Steve and Bucky became his full-time caretakers, but then Steve felt as if he was taking advantage of Tony because he had a crush on him, so he hired a nurse/caretaker to take care of Tony behind Bucky’s back. However,the nurse was abusive or something and hurting Tony. That’s all I really remember from the fic, but if anyone has an idea of what it’s called, it would be great! I’ve been looking forever.

post civil war thor & steve drabble

This is driving me nuts, but I swear I read an short fic on ao3 that was set while Steve was on the run, hiding in . . . an apartment/safe house by himself? And it was storming and Thor shows up and it's sort of a catch-up on the situation deal. 

The only thing I remember specifically is that Steve flinches or reacts to some outside noise and Thor feels bad for him or something. 

Gah this is super vague but hopefully someone can help I can't find this to save my life.