November 8th, 2018


Winters Soldier fic

***edited with more details

I read a fic and it was really good and i want to read it again but i can’t find it.

I remember Bucky (story in Bucky ‘s Pov and or third persone) he is reading books and someone is ruining the ending for him by writing it in the margins (in purple ink) I remember that he took the book from wanda (maybe crime novel?)and think it’s her who wrote it but it’s like that for all books not just the one he took from her.

Then movies ending are also ruined somehow.

((Spoiler alerts—- it’s the winter Soldier) and bucky doesn’t realise that he exists still.

At some point he accuses Tony for doing it because of the pen with purple ink when he see him using it or there’s something about a post-it note in purple...i think.

Either an Bucky/Tony or Bucky/winter/tony ship