December 7th, 2018

Hidden / secret identity Tony Stark

Hello :)

I was reading a the Fic "On Melancholy Hill" by AppleCiderr ( Unfortunately it only has one chapter and the author did not continued to write this Fic.
Still, I love the idea of Tony hidding !
So I search for some Fics where everyone thinks he is dead or that he just vanished an nobody (even the avengers) don't know where he is, but he still lives only under an other identity !
An other idea would be that he run away because someone is after him (a villain or the avengers) and now he hides from them somewhere else (for example as a homeless guy or just a normal civilien)

Thanks for any help !!!


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Frost Iron fic search?

Okay, I've stumbled over some Frost/Iron (Loki/Stark) fic in the past and had read a couple. I thought they were okay but didn't prompt me to specifically search for more. Then a few months ago I stumbled over Of magic and nuclear bombs (neither of which are the answer to anything) by melonbutterfly. It was hysterical but at the same time it was sweet and insightful into Loki and Tony as well as a different view into the interaction with the other Avengers and SHIELD. Etc. Etc. Etc. Soooo now I'm searching out the usual must-reads, highly-recommended, etc., etc., etc.

So the one everyone says to read is Off the Record by goddamnhella.(The first in the Deadlocks and Daggers series.) So I follow the link from the recc and am promptly met with "Error 404
The page you were looking for doesn't exist.

You may have mistyped the address or the page may have been deleted."


With a bit of research and going through Google and Goodreads and then orphan_account on AO3, etc. And then going to Internet Archive I tracked down

Deadlocks and Daggers Series

* Off the Record - found both on AO3 under orphan_account and Internet Archive
* Commitment Issues - found Internet Archive
* Fraternisation - found Internet Archive
* Desperate Measures - found Internet Archive

BUT no luck on the following:

* Other ficlets: deadlink! Was:
* Tea Break - ?????
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