December 10th, 2018

Infinity war *FOUND*

Hey guys, so I found a book about Infinity wars, and it was kind of like Nebula got Tony back to earth, and he was dying from the stab wound, he went to his house for Pepper, and she wasn't there so he called and  her and Rhodes turned around to come for him. And he got to Wakanda and was having a hard time healing. He also told Steve that " He's in my head" Anyone know what it's called?

Tony Stark & Peter Parker

So im looking for a fic that i read that may be part of a series or part of a bigger fic. All i can remember right now is that Pepper tellsbTony its time to go to bed and when he gets to their room he finds Peter asleep in their bed and theres some cuddling. I know it can be a lot of different fics but this one im looking for in particular and unfortunately thats all i can recall. Any help would be appreciated.

FOUND:edit on 2-15-20 found the fic if anyone is interested. It's loss and grief by ink in my heart and on the page

Searching for a fic where Tony brings back ExVengers WIP (FOUND)


So this fic is driving me insane. I remember reading it in early 2018 on ao3. Basically Tony works to get pardons for Cap and his crew after being rescued from Siberia. I remember the fic having a scene where paramedic rescue Tony from the Hydra base and one of the first responders is called Benjamin (if memory serves) and later Tony hires him to be on his security team or something like that. The only scene I remember and the part where I left the fic was where someone who had a grudge against ExVengers confronted Tony in a bathroom at an event and shot him. I think the chapter ends when they get Tony to a hospital and Pepper tells Steve to wait outside... It was really good and a WIP... I think I read it before I figured out how to use the subscribe-function on ao3.

I hope this post comes out ok, first time posting here ever :D